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Automatic water glue labeling machine in the process of labeling how to avoid warping?
Edit:  Date:2022/2/28  Browse:
     Automatic water glue labeling machine in the use of the process, we often encounter the situation of warping, this situation, look at the manufacturer is to give what reasonable advice?

     First of all, in the label we try to use soft label material. A good label helps to better labeling. Secondly, improve the viscosity of the label, the high viscosity of the label is to make the paste more firmly. But now the situation is that, because many products have a lot of oil on the surface, it is relatively smooth, causing the automatic water glue labeling machine labeling is more difficult. So we try to avoid this problem. Of course, manufacturers should also do their best to overcome this problem. Further is to control the pressure of the labeling process, the pressure is too large or too small are not conducive to labeling machine labeling. Also need to pay attention to the labeling process is the temperature control. Because of the increase in temperature, the object's internal material activity will increase. So the appropriate increase in labeling temperature can also improve the labeling effect.
     The above is the automatic water glue labeling machine manufacturers to give reasonable advice, but also welcome you to call the phone 18561768382 for detailed advice!


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