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What is the reason for the unstable labeling of water glue automatic labeling machine?
Edit:  Date:2021/11/18  Browse:
When we use machinery and equipment, if its use does not meet our requirements, we will find out the reason. So, what is the reason why the water glue automatic labeling machine is not smooth.
1, the belt compression device may not be compressed, resulting in standard belt loosening.
2, the traction mechanism may slip or not be compressed, resulting in the inability to successfully remove the liner paper. Press the traction mechanism to solve the problem. If it is too tight, the label will be obliquely curved, (if the backing paper is wrinkled when pulling out, it should be compressed too tightly).
3、Whether the pasted objects are incomplete, pay attention to the quality of the items.
4, the placement of the pasted object should be parallel to the marking direction of the label (pay attention to whether the product moves in the middle of the labeling process, and raise the right support bar appropriately so that it is slightly higher than the left side).
5, the object to be pasted in the labeling station should ensure smooth rotation (note that it can not touch the peeling plate), the object is too light, the overlay bar should be put down, pressing the object to be pasted.
The above is the reason why the water glue automatic labeling machine labeling is not smooth.


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