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Why the labeling position of automatic water glue labeling machine is not accurate
Edit:  Date:2021/11/17  Browse:
Why is the position of automatic water glue labeling machine always inaccurate? Next, let's see what Qingdao Senmei Packaging editor says.
1、The belt pressing device can not be pressed, resulting in the marker belt loosening.
2, it may be that the traction tissue slipped or not pressed, and the bottom paper could not be taken off smoothly during the forming process.
3、In the case of double labeling, when the single label of the labeling machine is separated from the single label, the workpiece always rolls because the second label is set without delay and the machine is in waiting for the second label to be attached to the signal.
The state of the upper. The position of the attached object should be parallel to the label direction.
4, the labeling object should ensure the smooth rolling of the labeling station.
The above is about the automatic water glue labeling machine position is always inaccurate method. If you want to ask other questions, please call 18561768382!


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