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How the development of composite paper can equipment
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Composite paper tube equipment is well developed, composite paper tube are used in a wide range of applications, in addition to commonly used to hold powdered solid food, such as cocoa powder, tea, sugar, salt, cereal, coffee and a variety of solid drinks. For example, the United States about 85% of the citrus juice concentrate selection of composite paper cans packaging. Japan more than 50% of soft drinks is the choice of aluminum easy to pull the lid of the composite paper tube packaging. In addition, composite paper tube are suitable for sugar, tea, alcohol, milk powder, leisure food, dried fruit powder food, monosodium glutamate, chicken, cosmetics, handicrafts, gifts, underwear, bras, sporting goods, calligraphy and painting works, drawings and documents and other packaging decoration, is a new generation of environmentally friendly packaging supplies, instead of glass, ceramics and other packaging materials. Composite paper tube is also a new type of packaging products, it is not only green, and low production cost, is the outstanding choice of food packaging, it is the transfer of paper film iron as one, is the best container for deep-fried cool food packaging, with superior sealing function, safety and health, low cost, novel and fashionable advantages.


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