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SM600-W Automatic Paper Tube Curling Machine

SM600-W Automatic Paper Tube Curling Machine

  Description of the machine:

-The tubes rolled into the machine horizontally and automatically and is stable and reliable. The curling feeding mechanism adopts a mechanical cam to ensure flexible feeding of the mold under high-speed production. The quality of the elbow does not change due to the increase in speed.

-The five-station dial is automatically controlled by the computer system for precise indexing. Continuously transfer the paper tube into the working position for curling, retreating, and dialing out.

-This machine can be set through the touch screen to realize the inner curling, outer curling and automatic Inflating three functions. The whole machine frequency control.    

-This machine can change the mold quick and easy, no need for manual alignment, quick modular installation of the mold, the computer automatically recognizes the position, the error is less than 0. 05MM.


Technical Parameters:

-Paper tube feeding method : automatic loader
-Paper tube discharging method: automatic discharger
-Paper tube positioning method: CNC stepping system

-Production efficiency : 28-32pieces/min

-Accuracy:less than 0.5mm

-Maximum tube length: 600mm
-Minimum tube length: 70mm

-Paper tube diameter : Φ30mm—Φ160mm

-Paper tube thickness: 0.8-1.3MM

-Air consumption: 0.5Mpa
-Rated power : 2.8KW

-Applicable voltage: three-phase 380V

-Dimension: 1780mmx930mmx1850mm

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