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SM600-F Horizontal type automatic paper tube seaming machine

SM600-F Horizontal type automatic paper tube seaming machine

Description of the machine:

1.This machine is used to seaming one end of the tube with tin cap.

2.Paper tube flow into workstation horizontally, and this is especially suitable for paper tubes with small diameter and long length which is unable to stand up.

3.Five workstation dial is controlled by PLC system automatically to locate the position preciously.

4.It distribute paper tube into each workstation continuously for seaming and discharging.

5.This machine has metal cap auto feeding device.

6.The machine has advanced stand by function. When there is no tubes to curl the machine will stop the main power consumption motors, and it can be started again when the tubes become available.

7.The parameter and function is set through touch panel.

8.Changing mold is simple and fast.

Technical Parameter:

-1.Paper tube feeding: automatic

-2.Paper tube discharging: automatic

-3.Metal cap feeding method: automatic

-4.Paper tube length: 70-400mm

-5.Paper tube diameter: 30-160mm

-6.Production efficiency: 20-32 pcs/min

-7.Power: 2.6kw

-8.Air pressure: 0.4Mpa

-9.Weight: 680kg


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