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SM1000-LC Automatic Water Glue Labeling and Recutting Machine

SM1000-LC Automatic Water Glue Labeling and Recutting Machine
SM1000-LC Automatic Water Glue Labeling and Recutting Machine

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Description of the machine:
1. This machine adopts a new glue application system to guarantee 100% glue application area of the label. Even if the paper tube is not dry for labeling, there will be no bubble phenomenon.
2. Through the accurate calculation of computer, the continuous pipe connection can be realized. The front station is labeled for fine cutting, and the rear station is positioned for waiting after gluing. It can not only improve the production efficiency, but also ensure that the interface is not seamed and overflowed.
3. High precision servo system is used for labeling and fine cutting parts. Labeling pressure, paper tube replacement specification, cutter feed stroke and tube cutting depth are all set quickly through touch screen. The tank type can be changed quickly.
4. Add automatic elevator to make the machine fully realize automatic high-speed production.
5. The automatic marking system solves the problem of double and multiple labels. The label positioning adopts the two-way drawing gauge mechanism of the printing machine, which can improve the label deviation.
6. The automatic circulation glue supply system and the automatic cleaning system adopt the separation design, so as to start the production and stop the machine for automatic cleaning.
Technical Parameters:
1. Pipe feeding mode: automatic pipe dropping, automatic pushing
2. Positioning mode: servo motor system
3. Exit mode: automatic exit
4. Automatic cleaning
5. Applicable tank type: ¢ 52 - ¢ 170mm
6. Applicable label length: 450mm-1100mm
7. Minimum cutting length: 110mm
8. Applicable paper tube maximum length: 1100mm
9. Applicable label thickness: 80-128g / m2
10. Gas pressure: 0.6MPa
11. Labeling accuracy: ± 0.5mm
12. Production efficiency: 5-7 cans / min
13. Total power: 4.5kw
14. Applicable voltage: three-phase 380V
15. Equipment size: 4600 x 3300 x 2350
16. Equipment weight: 2980kg
17. Number of operators: one

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