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SM520-L Automatic Wet Glue Paper Tube Labeling Machine

SM520-L Automatic Wet Glue Paper Tube Labeling Machine


Description of the machine:

-This machine is used to put labels on paper tubes with water based glue.

-Improved label feeder system makes the machine suitable for almost all kinds of labels.

-Precise adjusted gluing mechanism assures the smooth and uniform glue film on the label.

-Standard paper tube feeding method is manual, and automatic paper tube feeding method is optional.   

-Stepping motor system controls the positioning of paper tubes precisely, to meet requirements of different length between the edge of paper tube and the edge of label.

-It has auto cleaning function. When work is done, it only takes five minutes to clean gluing system automatically

-Easy to change the mandrel and adjust the mechanical parts when changing tubes and labels.


Technical Parameters:

-Paper tube feeding method : automatic loader

-Paper tube discharging method : automatic discharger

-Paper tube positioning method : CNC stepping system

-Glue cleaning method : automatic

-Ambient temperature:15-20℃

-Paper tube diameter : Φ45mm—Φ160mm

-Label length : 200mm-520mm

-Paper tube length : 200-530mm

-Label thickness : 105-150g/m2

-Air consumption : 0.6Mpa

-Labeling precision : ±0.5mm

-Production efficiency : 7-10 pieces/min

-Rated power : 2.5kw

-Voltage:Three phase 380V

-Dimension: 2060x1950x1800mm

-Weight : 885KG



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