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Do you understand the factors of the accuracy of the use of paper tube labeling machine?
Edit:  Date:2022/2/15  Browse:
     With the continuous development of the global economy and technology, people's living standards continue to improve, we have higher requirements for the appearance of the product packaging. For example, exquisite gifts, if it is labeling is not beautiful enough, directly affect the exquisite degree of goods, give people the feeling that this commodity is not expensive. So everyone's requirements for the paper tube labeling machine is increasingly high, so what factors affect the accuracy of the labeling machine? Let us understand the following specific it.
     1. labeling accuracy: labeling, the paper can rotation, label movement, there is a deviation, this deviation for labeling accuracy is non-difficult, therefore, the need to design a good synchronization mechanism, in the labeling moment, the paper can rotation line speed and he label speed relative to each other, in order to achieve relative static, to improve accuracy.
     2. Generally complex structure, fast movement speed and high accuracy of action. In order to meet the performance requirements, the stiffness requirements of the parts and surface quality, etc. have high requirements. 
     Above is the explanation for the impact of paper tube labeling machine precision, welcome to call 18561768382 for detailed consultation.


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