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Water glue labeling machine manufacturers to tell you how to avoid the warping situation!
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Labeling machine in the process of labeling, encountered the most problems, that is, how to make labeling machine does not appear to warp the label? Here's a look at the water glue labeling machine manufacturers Qingdao Senmei editor is how to say!
First, we use the soft label material as much as possible, better label ductility to solve the problem of warping will be of great help
Second, improve the viscosity of the label, high viscosity, in order to make the label stick more firmly. Want to achieve this purpose, from the following aspects of the solution.
1. Improve the surface quality of the product being labeled. There are a number of products with varnish on the surface, which will make labeling difficult. In addition, the contents of some products will seep out, the existence of microporosity in the wall of the tube and other issues can cause warping, we should avoid these problems as much as possible, which is worth many manufacturers to think about the place.
2. Reasonable control of labeling pressure in the labeling process, too much pressure or too little is not conducive to good labeling.
3. Proper control of the temperature in the labeling process. As the temperature rises, the activity of the internal material of the object will increase, appropriate to increase the labeling temperature, can effectively improve the labeling effect.
Third, the appropriate change in the shape of the label. We can make the bottom end of the label into an arc, while avoiding the deformation area of the seal as far as possible.
These are a few suggestions from the water glue labeling machine manufacturers, if you want to consult more questions, welcome to call the phone 18561768382 for consultation.


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