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Paper tube in the labeling machine labeling process of attention
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  The raw material for paper tubes is paper, and this material is environmentally friendly. It can be recycled and disposed of in a biodegradable manner. However, paper tubes are not resistant to pressure and it is important to ensure the quality of the product during transportation. During the production process, the products are customized with different specifications, patterns and styles according to the various needs of customers. So the paper tube in the use of labeling machine labeling is extra attention.
  First, the poorer the straightness of the paper tube, the bottom wrinkles will increase accordingly. Straightness is the key influencing factor of the bottom wrinkle of the paper tube. At the same time, under the premise of ensuring straightness, increase the wall thickness of the paper tube, use good quality paper, can improve the compressive strength of the paper tube, reduce the bottom wrinkle.
  Second, control the stability of various machinery and equipment parameters used in the production process to prevent sudden changes in factors affecting the quality is an early guarantee to reduce the wrinkles at the bottom of the product.
Third, in the operation process, check to confirm the choice of paper tube and the method of lamination.
3.1. The stacking height of paper tube is controlled at about 5 meters, sorted and stacked, leaving enough space for forklift to drive.
3.2. When stacking, avoid putting small diameter paper tubes on top of large diameter paper tubes. In this way, the unstable stacking may cause accidents.
3.3. The stacking of paper tubes should ensure easy access and try to avoid unnecessary movement, which may easily cause damage or even scrap of paper tubes.
3.4. The temperature and humidity of the warehouse must be strictly controlled to provide a suitable environment for the paper tube.
  The above is about the paper tube in the labeling machine labeling process precautions. If your side still want to know more, welcome to consult 18567168382.


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