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How much is the automatic water glue labeling machine
Edit:  Date:2021/9/15  Browse:
How much does XXX cost? This is an issue of concern to all. No matter what to buy, the price will become a final consideration of whether to choose the criteria. This is a normal question, but if you come to ask the editor, how much is the automatic water glue labeling machine, I must be responsible for telling you that this question can not be answered.
You do not hurry! Why say so, because the price range of our automatic water glue labeling machine is really a bit large. From the lowest tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands are available, depending on the specific requirements of your side. The first thing we need to determine is the can type of paper tube, the length of the applicable label, the maximum length of the paper tube, the minimum cutting length, the thickness of the label and special requirements, because the parameters and requirements of each product are different, so our side to your requirements to give you a customized automatic glue labeling machine belonging to your.
So you can't just ask how much is the automatic glue labeling machine, you look very unprofessional!

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