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What is the production capacity of one hour of automatic water glue labeling machine?
Edit:  Date:2021/9/13  Browse:
  I believe that many people are concerned when buying automatic water glue labeling machine, how much is the production capacity of an hour, and then in choosing whether to buy!
  There are two models of Sammy automatic water glue labeling machine, namely SM520-LC and SM1000-LC automatic water glue labeling and precision cutting combination machine. Equipped with automatic lifting machine and automatic tube feeding system, which makes this machine fully automatic production. The automatic glue conveying and cleaning system adopts separate design to achieve production when the machine is turned on and automatic cleaning when it is stopped. The difference between them is that the can type used, the length of the label, the thickness of the label, and the minimum cutting length are all different. So our hourly production volume is not fixed, and our water glue labeling machine is with the function of cutting knife If you want to know the output, you need to provide the height and diameter of the paper cans, so that we can calculate for you according to the parameters of the equipment.
  If you want to know whether the use of our automatic water glue labeling machine can really improve production efficiency, welcome to call the hotline +8618561768382 for consultation!


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