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Paper can packaging process
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Paper can packaging production process: paper can cutting machine (precision cutting) - paper can labeling machine labeling - paper can crimping machine crimping - paper can capping machine capping - assembly - inspection boxing.


Paper can packaging embossing, creasing is a common process of product post-print processing decoration, molding. Paper can packaging for paper creasing production in accordance with the traditional process, but also the use of vertical die-cutting machine for production, there is also low production efficiency and labor intensity problems.


For the above production process drawbacks, breaking the conventional process, the creation of a resin version of the new process of partial or full embossing on the offset printing machine, not only better reduce production costs, and improve production efficiency and quality, with a clear, uniform embossing process effect.


Paper can packaging in the fierce competition in the market, in order to increase the added value of the product, more than the use of hot stamping process. Electrochemical aluminum foil stamping is mainly the use of heating and pressure, the pattern or text transfer to the surface of the material being stamped. Stamping on paper can packaging can play a role in highlighting the design theme of the beautification of the product.



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