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SMQ-III Automatic paper tube recutting machine

SMQ-III Automatic paper tube recutting machine

SMQ-III Automatic paper tube recutting machine

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The machine has three stations:

1: automatic pipe entry detection. The stepping motor mechanism automatically enters the pipe sleeve die, and automatically stops when there is no pipe or abnormal pipe entry; 

2: automatic cutting. Not only the incision is beautiful without burr, but also the blade can be replaced for 1 year. It can carry out fine cutting of crimping back cover edge and segmented fine cutting of paper tube.
3: automatic tube outlet adopts advanced servo module components. The cut paper tube can be used for on-line separation of waste leftover materials and genuine products.
Main technical parameters:
Insert tube: automatic
Paper tube discharge: automatic
Length of paper cylinder: less than 600mm
Cylinder diameter: 50-160 mm
Wall thickness of paper tube: 0.8-5.0mm
Production efficiency: 20-25 times / min
Minimum cutting length: cover edge: 25mm; Segment 70mm
Number of cutters: 5 sets
Cutting accuracy: < 0.5mm
Power: 2.2kw
Air pressure: 0.5MPa
Equipment size: 2680 * 1530 * 1500
Total weight: 780kg

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