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SMQ-III Automatic paper tube recutting machine

SMQ-III Automatic paper tube recutting machine
* The machine, which has three work stations, is suitable for cutting paper tube with one end curled continuously. Automatic detection of paper tube feeding, automatic tooling casing, automatic control of cutter movement , automatic paper tube discharging after recutting, all the procedures are controlled by PLC and servo system. Paper tube flow in through feed channel and the machine works continuously. 
* Equipment operation is very simple, the touchscreen interface has "inching" function, it’s very easy to replace the tooling and do adjustment. 
* The machine have alarm function, when there is abnormal during production, it will shut down automatically. 
* The precise positioning of paper tube ensures a fine cut, making cut trimness and no burr. 
- Technical Parameters
Paper tube feeding: automatic
Paper tube discharging: automatic
Paper tube positioning way: CNC stepping system 
Paper tube length: 15 - 600mm
Paper tube diameter:30 - 160mm
Paper tube wall thickness: 0.8 - 2.5mm 
Production efficiency: 25 - 32/min
Cutting precision: <0.5mm 
Power: 1.75kw
Air pressure: 0.5Mpa
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