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SM600-HL Hot Glue Paper Tube Labeling Machine

SM600-HL Hot Glue Paper Tube Labeling Machine

SM600-HL Hot Glue Paper Tube Labeling Machine

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1. The label house can hold up to 3000 labels at a time, without having to adjust the position accuracy of the labels in the label house in advance, saving time and effort.
2. Label bilateral positioning ensures efficiency and accuracy.
3. Fill the glue without stopping, greatly improving
Technical Parameters:
Paper tube feeding method : automatic/manual loader
Paper tube discharging method: automatic discharger
Glue cleaning method: no need to clean
Paper tube diameter : Φ30mm—Φ130mm(by manual when more than 130mm)
-Label length : 130mm-600mm
Label thickness : 75-157g/㎡
Paper tube thickness: 0.8-15mm
Labeling precision : less than 0.5mm
Production efficiency : 26-28 pieces/min
Air consumption: 0.4Mpa
Rated power : 2.1KW
Dimension: 2000X1400X1550MM
Weight :650KG

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