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SM520-LC Automatic Water Glue Labeling and Recutting Machine

SM520-LC Automatic Water Glue Labeling and Recutting Machine

Description of the machine:

1.     Double station  glue system,one labeling and another waiting glue dry a little for labeling. Which Not only maximize productivity, but also ensures no split and no over much glue.
2.     Automatic paper tube feeding and discharging system.
3.     Parameters can be reset on the touch panel according to the sizes of the tubes.
4.     Automatic label taking system makes it possible to locate labels precisely and avoid taking more labels one time .
5.     Glue supply and cleaning system are separated.which makes it possible  to product when start and to clean when finish.
Technical Parameters:
-Paper tube feeding method : automatic loader or manual
-Paper tube positioning method: CNC stepping system
-Paper tube discharging method: automatic discharger
-Glue cleaning method: automatic
-Paper tube diameter : Φ52mm—Φ170mm
-Label length : 250mm-520mm
-Minimum cutting length:65mm
-Paper tube length : 250-530mm
-Label thickness : 80-128克/m2(¢52-¢75,80-100克;¢80-¢160,小于128克。)
Air consumption: 0.6Mpa
-Labeling precision : ±0.5mm
-Production efficiency : 6-7pieces/min
-Rated power : 4.5KW
-Voltage:Three phase 380V

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