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  • Click:       2018/8/21Paper Tube Packaging machines

    Choosing packaging machinery includes an assessment of technical capabilities, labor requirements, worker safety, maintainability, serviceability, reliability, ability to integrate into the packaging line, capital cost, floor space, flexibility
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  • Click:       2018/8/21Which areas are hot melt glues used in

    Hot melt glues usually consist of one base material with various additives.
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  • Click:       2018/8/21Packaging types

    Packaging may be of several different types. For example, a transport package or distribution package can be the shipping container used to ship, store, and handle the product or inner packages.
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  • Click:       2018/8/22Origin of Paper

    The oldest known archaeological fragments of the immediate precursor to modern paper date to the 2nd century BCE in China. The pulp paper-making process is ascribed to Cai Lun, a 2nd-century CE Han court eunuch.
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  • Click:       2018/8/21Package development considerations

    Package design and development are often thought of as an integral part of the new product development process.
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